The Pint Shop - Immersive Review

the pint shop banner

Location: Manhattan, NY
Date Visited: June  2018
Price: Free

The Pint Shop is the final product served up when an aesthetic brand like Target collaborates with famous pop-up, Museum of Ice Cream in order to promote a new line of frozen treats. This “interactive grocery destination” serves up a small taste of what both bring to the table: the Instagram-able flair of it’s parent pop-up blended together with a keen eye for customer experience and topped off with a bit of quirkiness.

This can’t-miss storefront, located just off of the Chelsea High Line, provides guests with a memorable visit through it’s use of vibrant colors and well-thought-out interactives.  Normally, attempting to get the perfect photos at an Instagram-trap such as this on a summer Saturday could easily prove to be a nightmare given the crowds. However, Pint Shop does a great job of managing the line and staggering it well enough to give each guest a proper experience.

the pint shop rae

Once inside, there seems to be as many different things to do as there are flavors of ice cream. Activities range from being able to taste test the product itself to a series of photo stations built into larger-than-life ice cream pints including the Cherrylicious flavored ball pit & the Sprinkle Pool swing. Beyond that, guests can also shop the grocery store aisles that perfectly weave the exhibit’s for sale merchandise into even more opportunities to snap the perfect picture, as each aisle is distinctly color-correlated to a different flavor of ice cream. Even though all items on the shelves are for sale, aside from an ice cream recipe book & ice cream chain, the color-coded products resemble the objects that the flavors are named after more so than ice cream itself. While there was plenty of cherry-decorated merchandise to go around, we envied the 3-scoop ice cream enamel pin on the pop-up host’s jumpsuit and would have loved to have walked out with more ice-cream-centric merchandise!

The attention to detail is what really put this pint sized pop-up over the top. Every corner of the store serves as a great photo-op as there no wasted space. It’s always a nice touch when there is no visible “backstage” area to hinder immersion levels.


From the glitter-covered ropes containing the crowds waiting outside to the perfectly color-coordinated shopping aisles, Pint Shop has an eye for adorable detail. This small taste of what the Museum of Ice Cream has to offer left us wanting more & achieved its marketing goal of keeping us excited to try the new line of ice cream. Ranging from Churro Churro to Vanillionaire to Nana Banana, the LockChix look forward to tasting more on July 8th when they hit Target shelves!