Top Escape Rooms of 2018

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Our Story So Far:

Discovering the world of escape rooms in 2016 was groundbreaking for us. Since then, we’ve launched our review website, joined some awesome online communities, and traveled across the country (and out of the country) to take part in some unforgettable experiences.

We are still growing and still learning every day but our current stats have us standing at almost 100 rooms completed with a 95% escape rate.

Some cities outside of our home state of New Jersey that we were able to travel to for rooms this year include:

  •   Buffalo, NY
  •   Toronto, Ontario
  •   New Orleans, Louisiana
  •   Los Angeles, California
  •   Washington, D.C.
  •   New York, New York

As this is our first year issuing rankings, the following list will include rooms that we completed in the time between our conception in 2017 and current-day, 2018.

Another noteworthy parameter is that as of this publishing date, all of the rooms on this list are still open. Rooms that were closed prior to December 2018 were removed from consideration.

We’ve done some incredible rooms over this almost two-year period. Rooms that did not make this list are surely not considered unnoteworthy. However we wanted to take the time to shout-out some of the ones that we enjoyed the most.

Top Rooms of 2018
Ranked in alphabetical order


  1.    Battleship – Unreal Escapes Staten Island, NY

This long-awaited room really showcased the amount of research, detail, and effort that was put into it. The incredible set design made for believable gameplay and an arching narrative lead us through a great story where puzzles were driven by our interactions with the ship.

  1.    Cursed – Komnata Quest – Manhattan, NY

The most frightening room that we’ve done on the east coast. Komnata crafted a game that had the blood drain from our faces right from the start. Surprises met us around every corner as we explored the abandoned home where seven sisters once lived.

  1.    Elevator Shaft – The BASEMENT – Los Angeles, CA

THE BASEMENT took a space the size of, well, an elevator shaft and filled it with so much wow-factor. Adding in impressive production elements including smell, sound, and even some water features, this experience really transferred us out of our world and into the story.

  1.    Escape the Pharaoh’s Tomb – Locked Up Escape Games – Buffalo, NY

For all of the tombs that we’ve escaped, this one felt the most immersive and daunting. Our group cannot wait to make it back to Buffalo for more Locked Up Escapes!

  1.    High Speed – Exit Escapes -Manhattan, NY

Another room with an incredibly accurate set, High Speed NYC had us journey through an authentic New York City subway system. Puzzles aligned with actions we would take on an actual subway car.

  1.    Lab Rat – Hatch Escapes – Los Angeles, CA

With roles reversed, we found ourselves as part of an experiment run by Doctor Ratkenstein, tasked to complete a series of puzzles. Between strategic and colorful lighting combined with musical queues, this room crafted a level of theatrics that had us feeling as though we were working our way through a larger than life world with childlike wonder.

  1.    Sanatorium – I Survived the Room – Long Island City, NY

One of the best actor-driven rooms that we’ve done, Sanatorium also masterfully executed a game that split us up but still forced us to collaborate in order to find success. We’ll never forget the dramatic ending.

  1.    Stash House – Los Angeles, CA

Stash House had us feeling like we were in The Wire. With an ever-expanding set that incorporated thematic and unique puzzles, our time within Ray’s trap house built up to a watery end.

  1.    The Courtyard – The BASEMENT – Los Angeles, CA

THE BASEMENT had topped even themselves by delivering the most impeccable set we’d seen through their awe-inspiring execution of Edward Tandy’s courtyard. The sights and sounds were elevated through the theatrical use of an actor who assisted as a built-in game master, storyteller, and even functioned as the main focal point for an incredibly memorable mid-game puzzle.

  1.  Zoe – Escapade Games – Fullerton, CA

Our journey through Zoe took the crown to be the more terrifying haunt we’d experienced to date. We shuddered through her home working through puzzles in varying levels of darkness. Expect the unexpected.

Congratulations to each winner! We are excited to see what 2019 has in store!