Trap Door Escape - F5: A Tornado Escape - Review

Location: Morristown, NJ
Date Played: June, 2017
Team Size: 2 – 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $35 per ticket
You must outrun the approaching tornado and make it to shelter before the tornado touches down. 
Actual puzzles to solve in this room were very limited. F5 was advertised as active game and it leans quite heavily on that. Puzzles were definitely more task-based and less about having to mentally work through riddles. There is one puzzle towards the end of the game that was a bit more hands on. It was a nice change of pace to have to physically work through it. 
Much like an actual tornado, our experience with F5 was that it picked us up, and dropped us down. Initial immersion of the game was very enjoyable. Trap Door made great use of a large screen to help establish the atmosphere. Entering the room definitely had a bit of a wow factor. The game ends with an exciting and thematic climax. However, even this seemed to flat line as there was not much of a follow-through story wise. F5 seemed to abruptly end. 
Two of the main shortcomings were our requirement to imagine more strict boundaries along the path and being hesitant to play the game as to not accidentally break one of the many rules. Despite the active element to the game, one of these rules was to not use too much force on any of the puzzles. A specific puzzle our group got stuck on the most was one that we could not solve because we were not using enough force. 
There was also a lot of untapped story potential. We were originally very excited at the theme but the game did not really take advantage of further plot points beyond that there is a tornado approaching. There was one point where further information was provided to us but the game failed to ever really connect the dots into a cohesive story line. Our biggest frustration was a puzzle towards the end where we were told by an employee after that it was simply supposed to be guess work and brute force in order to solve. Provided with pages of material to work with, it was very confused that the game did not utilize any of that information to creatively help you solve the puzzle. 
This Room is a Good Match for
F5 by Trap Door Escape is a nice change of pace from standard escape rooms. We would recommend this room if you are looking for an interesting environment that is not puzzle heavy. You should not do this room if you have physical limitations as it requires you to climb and crawl. 
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