Xscapes STIC - The Twilight Zone - Review

Location: Binghamton, NY
Date Played: July, 2018
Team Size: 4 – 8 players
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $25 per ticket

Your team is granted permission to investigate the office of Rod Serling’s vacation home office. 


The puzzles contained throughout this experience varied greatly in difficulty, as well as creativity.  Additionally, we loved that within a Rod Serling escape room, players did not need background knowledge of him, however you are beckoned to discover his life beyond his popular works.  

As you move through the experience you are delighted to see just about every variation of lock that we’ve seen to date. Such diversity keeps you engaged as you push through and commands the use of a broad range of skill sets.


The immersion is well established and felt throughout the entire experience. From the vintage typewriter to the old school tv, teams will feel as if they have taken a step back through time. The creators worked closely with the Serling family in order to recreate something rather unique and authentic.

Each component felt unique and well defined. As an added thematic touch, there were several iconic “The Twilight Zone” clips embedded throughout.  


While teams won’t need previous knowledge of Ron Serling himself, there was a puzzle that requires knowledge of a skill that we hadn’t come in with.

As far as location, it is a bit off the beaten path which makes it a great stop along your travels.

This Room is a Good Match for

Obviously for the fans of his work, this is a must play that is well worth the detour.  For the mere workload we highly recommend coming with a large group of teammates. That organizational friend of yours is definitely a must. 

As an added bonus your participation actually goes to help others as the money raised is contributing to Southern Tier Indepdence Center (STIC) to help those with disabilities.  Not only do you get to experience an incredible escape room, but feel good that your money is helping the community.

twilight zone
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