Unlock! Escape Adventures - Scheherazade's Last Tale - Review

Location: At Home
Date Played: June, 2019
Team Size: 1- 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $15 

How it Works

The Unlock! Escape Adventures consist of a deck of cards and an application on a smartphone or tablet. Decks consist of cards numbered as 1 through 100. 

There are five card types. Blue and Red Cards are object cards that are meant to be combined with each other. For example, if a blue card has the number 5 and is combined with the red card as number 22, teams would then search for the card numbered the sum of them, 27 to advance in the game. 

Green cards are machine cards and yellow cards are locks. Both of these card types require puzzle solving through the app. Beware, incorrect answers entered into the application will result in a time penalty. The remaining black cards symbolize rooms and set pieces that are to be searched.

Each game includes a quick 10 minute tutorial to get teams who are unfamiliar with their systems caught up to speed.


Scheherazade has been imprisoned by the Sultan. She has one hour to tell the him one last story, otherwise she is to face a grave fate. Your group has been tasked with searching down a scribe that can help Scheherazade tell the tale and escape execution.  


This edition of Unlocked took the usual set of escape room puzzles and added a new level of interactivity. Players need to use the playing cards in intriguing ways to figure out how to progress in the narrative. Additionally, this adventure included an app mini-game to complete that is akin to a classic arcade-style game. 


An interesting narrative can be tough to tell through the card game platform. However, this edition of Unlocked has one of the most interesting narratives that we’ve played so far. With how the game progresses, teams have the autonomy to experience this adventure how they want. Additionally, the ending was a satisfying climax. 


In the middle of this adventure, the sheer amount of cards within play can get overwhelming. There were moments when our group had multiple sets of puzzles open and it became difficult to keep organized within the hour. When we eventually got stuck, we felt that some of the clueing was lacking and didn’t provide a clear enough guide to move forward.

This Board Game is a Good Match for

While this adventure might not be the best starting off point, Scheherazade’s Tale is an interesting Arabian adventure. While just a medium difficulty escape room board game, our group felt that this was a great challenge even for experienced fans of Unlocked.

scheherazade's tale

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