Unlock! Escape Adventures - The Night of the Boogeymen - Review

Location: At Home
Date Played: May, 2019
Team Size: 1- 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $15  

How It Works

The Unlock! Escape Adventure games consist of a deck of cards and an application on a smartphone or tablet. Decks consist of cards numbered as 1 through 100. 

There are five card types. Blue and Red Cards are object cards that are meant to be combined with each other. If a blue card has the number 5 and is combined with the red card as number 22, teams would then search for the card numbered the sum of them, 27 to advance in the game. 

Green cards are machine cards and yellow cards are locks. Both of these card types require puzzle solving through the app. Beware, incorrect answers entered into the application will result in a time penalty. The remaining black cards symbolize rooms and set pieces that are to be searched.

Each game includes a quick 10 minute tutorial to get teams unfamiliar with their systems caught up to speed.


Poor little William hasn’t been sleeping recently. After complaining about the presence of monsters in his room, it’s your team’s job to investigate the darkness and rid William’s room of these dreaded monsters.


Gameplay in this edition of the series felt more abstract than it’s previous counterparts. It required more out-of-the box-style thinking. Once the monsters appeared and their respective constraints took hold of us, this board game felt different than other normal escape room board games. Teams will need to defeat these monsters in various ways to complete this escape game. 


As this escape adventure progressed, this game required teams to think unconventionally to work together. For the most part this was a welcome addition for this play session. The narrative in this escape game felt excellently defined and progressed nicely as our group vanquished various foes. This might be the strongest narrative in a board game we’ve encountered so far. 


Some of the mid-game puzzles felt less prompted from what we’ve come to expect. Logical gaps were more apparent in this version verses previous Unlock experiences. Additionally, it became tough to keep track of clearing used cards once we became constrained by the monsters in the room.  

This Board Game is a Good Match for

Unlock! added a few twists to their normal formula with this addition to the series. While some of the constraints were thematic, some left us more annoyed than immersed. For players that enjoy the Unlock format, this is an interesting curveball that’s certainly worth playing. 

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