Unreal Escapes - Battleship - Review

Location: Staten Island, NY
Date Played: September, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 10 players.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket

A third World War has been launched. The US Naval fleet has been wiped out and the only remaining hope is the decommissioned USS Staten Island.


Battleship presented a very wide range of puzzles. Interactions ran the gamut from locks and hide & seek style searching to collaborative, multi-step tasks that had us spread out across several stations of the ship. In addition to variety, every puzzle was also thematic & practical. Our actions made sense with the goals of our narrative and puzzles were solved by thinking logically about what was going on in the ship.

Production Value / Immersion

The details of this set were second to none. It’s evident that Unreal Escapes values immersion in their escape rooms and it showed. Every key component felt at home within the setting. Additionally, there were no visible wires or backend equipment that stood out to our team. In every sense, Battleship felt like teams were on board a floating fortress.

This room made excellent use of video screens, incorporating them in clever ways. And finally, we got to see a fun water feature, which we won’t spoil.


For players that love a good narrative, the overall experience is incredible. Unlike some escape rooms we’ve done in the past, this experience gives you clear objectives that are engaging to complete. There’s a moment in the gameplay where everything within the story gets shaken up a bit. While this could be disorienting to some players, for us, this greatly enhanced the experience. Following instructions carefully, after a short time, we were able to get back on course.

Holding true to the layout of a ship, areas of the room were a bit smaller size-wise, however we felt that there was plenty for teams to simultaneously work on. This lack of bottlenecking really added to our experience as well.


Newer players might need some extra guidance in working through the non-linear style of gameplay. Otherwise, the only item that we were unsure about was one action which we were hesitant to commit to. However, in debriefing, it was noted that this item was to be adjusted to make this more clear.

This Room is a Good Match for

This naval thriller is a must play for the NYC area. Battleship is a great fit for any team looking for a real adventure.

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