Unreal Escapes- Disco 54 - Review

Location: Staten Island, NY
Date Played: April, 2019
Team Size: 2- 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket  


The legendary dance club, Disco 54 is being shut down by the Feds. Luckily, there is time for one last party in this New York hotspot. To elevate your last night out, the criminal owners of the infamous discoteque have hidden stashes of cash throughout the club. Your goals are to find the cash, get rich, and get out – all before the police show up for the raid.  


Especially given the side objective of locating as many hidden bundles of cash as possible, gameplay relied on searching every small detail in this elaborate set. Puzzles felt right at home within their setting. Every action that we made was genuinely something that we would have done as guests or employees of the club. On top of that, they were truly fun to complete.

The flow of puzzles felt good and our group of four worked fairly autonomously for most of the hour. For larger groups, there are enough interesting puzzles to work through to make Disco 54 a worthwhile experience.

Production Value/Immersion

Unreal Escapes set a very high bar with their first game, Battleship in terms set design and clever use of space. However, they definitely managed to top themselves with this disco adventure. From the expansive dancefloor to the interactive DJ booth to the bar area filled with surprises, each set piece in this escape room felt authentic, dynamic, and natural to the environment. Again, it’s clear the amount of love and effort that Unreal Escapes devotes into making their rooms achieve a true ambiance in terms of set.

Set pieces weren’t the only key components of this escape room. The theatrical lighting and musical playlist also played integral roles in this danceable space. Additionally, we enjoyed that we were given the option to adjust the music sound levels. This allowed us to set our own custom range that would not hinder our communication during gameplay, but would still achieve a level of immersion that we were in a club.


We’ve grown to really appreciate games that play homage to their location and Disco 54 is certainly one of them. With such a rich history behind Studio 54, Unreal wove a great crime narrative into the story but kept it approachable enough that the whole family can play.

With the abundant homage to decades past through props and interactive pieces, this game was serious fun. So fun that it was hard to not take dance breaks while trying to solve puzzles.  

Additionally, several members were given roles prior to the game. These roles played an integral part in progressing through the escape room. All players still had the side objective of locating as many bundles of cash as possible. Even after we debriefed, we were amazed where some of the stacks of cash were hidden.


It’s difficult to find any room for growth in such a strong and enjoyable room. If there is anything to mention, it’s that the latter portion of this escape game felt less unique from its beginning. It fit with the narrative but lacked the higher level of set detail.

This Room is a Good Match for

Disco 54 is an ode to classic New York. Unreal Escapes has made quite the impression with their first two rooms and are absolutely worth the drive into Staten Island. For such a unique theme, this escape room delivered on fun factor and clever gameplay.

It should be noted that Unreal can refit this room for Bar Mitzah and various other themes.

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Disclosure: Unreal Escapes comped our tickets for this game.