The Werewolf Experiment - Review

Location: At Home
Date Played: May, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30

Dr. Gnaw’s experiment has gone awry. As a result, in one hour, you will be turned into a werewolf. Can you find the antidote before time runs out?


The game provides a good mix of puzzles, all of which range in type and level of difficulty. Many puzzles are pencil and paper or physical locks. Although the locks are plastic, they worked well and added the feel of working through an actual room.

Production Value/Immersion

All elements of unlocking clues, getting hints, and playing under a time crunch are incorporated into this at-home game. The experience captured the thematic and engaging elements of playing an escape room without having to travel to be in one. Having to use keen observation to piece everything together made it feel like we were searching through a room rather than just playing a board game. It was interesting how every component within the game board box really mattered. That level of detail assisted in bringing the game off of the board and increased the immersion.


We played the game with 6 people, but there was still enough for everyone to contribute and the instructions made it very easy to pick up and play without any confusion. With multiple, varied puzzles and all players sitting around one table, it was easy to refocus efforts on another puzzle and collaborate with different players. The locks worked perfectly and there was a great clue system if stuck. It’s also worth noting that the game provides a version with Alexa functionality which is a cool add-on.


Overall, the game ran smoothly. However, one prop did not work correctly. This broken element left us without a vital clue for some time. We were able to use a hint to figure out what had gone wrong, but it was a big snag in the overall game flow.

This Room is a Good Match for

Teams that want to spend a fun night in.

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